Trees From Above



We are an entirely youth run organization dedicated to making the environmental movement more accessible through our 3 pillars of action: Connection, Collaboration, and Support!


Our Mission

Youth.ify’s mission is to empower, rather than simply inspire, young people to take impactful action on environmental issues by providing a global platform for young environmentalists to unify through connection, collaboration and support. 

We designed Youth.ify to be the place to start when you don't know where to start. Too many passionate young people are discouraged from getting involved in environmental work, because they think that to make an impact, you have to be a famous activist. Spoiler alert: you don't. 

We were also sick of the people in power trying to inspire youth rather than empower us. Young people already have the passion to make a difference, what we need are the skills to harness that passion. Enter Youth.ify. 

We give young environmentalists the ability to make connections across all walks of life, a platform to collaborate for bigger change, and support that empowers.


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