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Global Collaboration

As youth in the environmental movement, we noticed how many youth led initiatives and projects were working toward the same goal, but were separated by location, age range, methodology or other factors. These barriers to cooperative effort stifle our progress as a youth movement and make it harder to achieve our collective goals. 


This problem stems from the lack of an open space for young people to freely collaborate, meet, and share ideas in the environmental community. We value collaboration because as a movement, we are stronger together. 


Youth.ify aims to address this problem by making it easy for youth to work together through our collaborative global Slack community and virtual events. We are a place for youth to start their journey from wherever they’re at, be it looking to learn, join a team, or create their own initiative.

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Collaboration Among 

Youth.ify Members

Invisible Earth Mag:


A group of artists from around the globe gathered together to create a magazine. Invisible Earth Mag strives to provide an inclusive space for anyone to express themselves. Through visual representation, they hope to create awareness about the Climate Crisis and how it affects all facets of life.

They aim to cultivate a community that inspires YOU to take action and uplifts your voice. Visit them at @invisiblearthmag on Instagram and stay tuned for their first issue!