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Action-Driven Workshops


Our webinar-workshop series focuses on ways that youth can take action in their communities and on a larger stage to make change. You've already got the passion, we help you make it count


Each video in the series gives attendees the concrete skills they to take action in their communities (ie. writing and publishing a climate Op-Ed in a local news outlet) and impactful ways to get involved on a larger scale (working with other youth to write a series of collaborative climate pieces).


The skills and actions we cover are also specifically aimed at what youth can uniquely do better than (instead of just as good as) adults. By taking into account the differences in resources, abilities and networks between younth and older generations, our webinar curriculum empowers young people to leverage the power of their youth to take action that is effective for them. 

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Our #questions Channel

An open space to discuss your doubts and ask for direction and advice. We encourage members to share their experiences here and help others learn from their mistakes and struggles. Join us to take advantage of this channel!

Saturday Spotlights!

Every other Saturday, we feature one of our amazing members over our social media channels to highlight the work they do and promote their initiatives. 


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